Hura! Die APEGO-Schule ist da!
5. Januar 2017
A aprendizagem tem que estar relacionada com os sonhos, desejos e necessidades de cada um
20. Februar 2017

The school I have always dreamed of…

Little girl with paintbrush looking at camera among her classmates

My name is Daniel and I am a co-founder of the APEGO School Berlin.

I made my Fine-Arts diploma in 2012 and tried to make a living on that.

In 2015 I visited the Freie Schule Leipzig and was introduced to the ideas of alternative education. It felt like the school I have always dreamed of. I saw open minded, happy pupils who loved going to school and teachers who loved their jobs. After reading relevant books and visiting other schools, I left the world of Arts and focussed on creating a place with the absence of authority, violence, competition as well as the compulsory adoption of imagined standards of our todays consumer-based society.

In 2016 I joined Jana and Aida in the founding team. We are united by the dream of a new place where personal relation, community and happiness are the leading sources. I believe that the multicultural, trilingual School APEGO-Schule Berlin with its German-Latin American focus can make a change in education away from learning facts, towards application and trust in a child´s intrinsic motivation.

Become part of it and help us to create this leeway for a liberal development of a child’s personality.

Daniel Triebe

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